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Server, Storage, and Backup

The explosion of data in the Information Age challenges businesses to re-conceive the modern server platform. Arrow PC Network build service offerings around the best-in-class server technologies, then combine hardware, software, and services to create a platform a business requires.

Our range of server and data storage systems have an exceptional package for delivering smooth performance, matchless reliability and the first-rate worth across data storage workplace solutions. The adaptable high capacity servers and storage, rack mount servers, premium workstations and custom configuration by our solutions happens to fit every business and organization demands.

Our affordable solutions have dependability and durability where every data server and storage systems have a feature of custom configuration. The objective is to also offer high quality and great value file sharing and backup services reducing the amount of workload where a large amount of data and long-term archiving is done. Through partnerships with leading vendors, we can provide solutions that meet the business requirements for continuity planning while meeting budgetary confinements.

Our company has a vast experience and deep domain knowledge when it comes to storage interconnect, storage target, platform engineering and host software where our experienced engineers also focus on design, support, development and maintenance services including dedicated server networking, server hosting & backup cloud technology.

Arrow PC Network provides highly scalable, comprehensive and dependable range of data backup solutions designed to protect critical business assets. Our backup solutions have an integrated, automated data protection approach that provides a single, complete view of all the stored data no matter its location – whether it is on premises or on a cloud. When your data matters you need a service you can trust. We have over 20 years of experience providing our customers with proven backup solution software. We provide BackUp Solutions which “saves your day… everyday!”