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Arrow PC’s solutions provide strategic IT advantages across all aspects of operations through strong technology and business-focused capabilities in enterprise resource planning, supply chain integration, and customer relationship management for Manufacturing & Retail. A sharp focus on digitalization is enabling enterprises to embrace a highly customer-centric approach, which positions them for greater competitive advantage. Also high on their agenda is complying with stringent environmental regulations.


A powerful combination of speed, adaptability, and business agility has become crucial for manufacturers to thrive despite business volatilities. Discrete manufacturers are challenged with shrinking windows for developing new products, product inconsistencies, supply chain issues, enabling accurate enterprise-wide visibility,  optimizing business processes, and moving quickly towards digital manufacturing.  

Manufacturers are looking to invest in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing, predictive analytics and other digital technologies, to optimize supply chain operations, drive down operating costs, and increase plant yields. A sharp focus on digitalization is enabling enterprises to embrace a highly customer-centric approach, which positions them for greater competitive advantage.

Digital manufacturing transformation can help you optimize your manufacturing operations by seamlessly synchronizing processes, supply chains, and customer demand. Leveraging greater automation, accelerated production cycles, and real-time insights, you can adapt to disruptions with agility while ensuring positive outcomes on balance sheets. 

Arrow PC combines its industry-leading practices and processes, with its deep domain knowledge of shop-floor operations, to help process manufacturing companies effectively tackle their key IT challenges. We offer a comprehensive suite of process manufacturing solutions, business analytics capabilities, and ERP deployment skills, which help enterprises create a smart and efficient production environment. With our end-to-end process manufacturing technology services, enterprises can exploit innovation and drive long-term success.

Our Automotive Consulting solutions are geared to address all IT-related aspects of the Customer-Dealer-OEM-Supplier ecosystem. Our Consulting practice provides best-in-class Digital and IT Solutions and Services to leading global clients.

Our Industrial Manufacturing IT solutions are aligned with your business needs and tailored using advanced technologies.

As a manufacturer, are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Attaining high productivity in off-shoring and reshoring supply chains

  • Finding resiliency amidst geopolitical, competitive & regulatory uncertainties

  • Unlocking the full potential of technology innovation

  • Increasing complexities in products and supply chain

  • Maximizing capacity and asset utilization

  • Raising levels of workforce productivity, safety, efficiencies, and satisfaction


Explore Our Manufacturing IT Services

  • Arrow PC Network understands and supports the wide and local area networking needs of manufacturing organizations like yours. Our technical consultants have real-time working experience providing manufacturing IT services. We apply our expertise to protect your business by quickly resolving any issues that arise while ensuring your IT manufacturing systems run smoothly. 

  • Our technical consultants have years of experience working with the leading industry-standard packages, as well as implementing, correcting, and maintaining systems' uptime.

  • Whether you have an IT department or simply need an IT project manager, our IT experts are here to help your business thrive. Arrow PC Network helps with anything from migrations to the cloud to help desk support.

  • Maintaining your production process can be a challenge without a qualified manufacturing managed services provider. Cloud solutions, web and mobile solutions, and an optimized IT environment can enhance the efficiency of your production line.



Retail enterprises are looking to provide their demanding customers with a consistent ‘omnichannel’ shopping experience. They are increasingly engaging with buyers directly, over new-age platforms. Advanced analytics on data sourced from social media, mobile and other channels are enabling enterprises to better understand the pulse of their customers. The sector needs agility and flexibility to handle customers 24×7 and ensure that they get personalized shopping experiences. 

Ubiquitous access to information has led to a steady yet dramatic power shift from retailers to consumers, bringing pressure on retailers to reinvent traditional & online retail business models that are innovative, agile, competitive, and enable new ways of driving revenues. Such a rapidly evolving business environment requires retailers to straddle the traditional and digital paradigms seamlessly to sustain and thrive in the hyper-competitive space.  

Arrow PC’s IT services and solutions for retail, including our Digital, Industrial IoT, Analytics, and Consulting capabilities, can help you boost customer satisfaction. With our innovative solutions spanning across retail functions, you can gain a firm edge over your competitors.

Are you facing any of these challenges as you chart the way into becoming a digital retail enterprise?

  • Designing in-store and online processes to best support innovations and profitability

  • Delving deep into promotions and ensure momentum and profitability

  • Ensuring engagement and loyalty with customers even when they are not shopping

  • Sustaining day-to-day operations ( through peaks and troughs) with transparency, compliance, and governance

  • Creating a competitive niche in a hyper-competitive ecosystem

  • End-to-end spend visibility, management & analytics across the organization and identify cost-saving opportunities


Explore Our Retail IT Services

  • Store and distribution center cloud solutions

  • Retail agile frameworks

  • Data Integration to capture data from multiple sources 

  • IoT data analytics to gain the full picture of shopper behavior

  • Point-of-Sale retail solutions to improve productivity 

  • Retail workspace with secure access to all applications

  • Computer Vision to reduce shrinkage and deliver enhanced customer experiences

  • Secure Store Network to reduce risk and manage access


We are leading the way in IT solutions for Manufacturing/Retail companies and industries of any scale.

  • Metal Manufacturers

  • Clothing and Textiles manufacturers

  • Petroleum, Chemicals and Plastics industry

  • Food Production

  • Online Retailers

  • Omni channel Retailers

  • E-Commerce Service Provider

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