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Cyber Security has become a major shift as companies opt for a robust security feature

Cyber Security has become a major shift as companies opt for a robust security feature

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Growth of IT services amid Covid-19:-

Digital transformation is keeping businesses afloat and many companies have increased their online presence by developing commerce websites on cloud platforms. Security which was a concern at the beginning of 2020 is now a more invested topic, where all companies want state-of-the-art security for the organization as a whole and not just the employees in the management level.

Arrow PC has been assisting organizations in making their digital transformation journey smooth and it is factors like these that have not just boosted the morale of the companies and its employees but also has reflected on the growth in the IT service and business market.

Preparedness adopted:-

Arrow PC Network was already well equipped to handle most of the business functions remotely. Our staff is able to access the data remotely and work from anywhere. We have done internal training sessions for the best WFH practices to ensure efficiency and productivity. We are using the best of the products and digital tools to ensure the smooth functioning of the departments as well as to ensure data availability and data protection.

Our warehouses are open for delivery and all the required precautions are taken. No outsider is allowed and all the employees are checked for symptoms twice daily. Complete Hygiene and best practices are maintained to ensure health and safety.

Biggest shifts:-

The companies are actually looking for digital transformation and infrastructure modernization which is the new way forward for business continuity. The present traditional applications are also choosing to move to the cloud, in turn pushing the cloud applications also to develop.

We can say that the biggest shift seen is cybersecurity. During Covid-19 companies faced more problems in keeping their data secure along with facing the changes due to pandemic and this made many realize that security for just a few in the CIO level wasn’t exactly safe. Hence if there has been a major shift, it is companies moving towards digital transformation and opting for a robust security feature.

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